Courting Google – Dating Basics for Your Website

Providing a great product or service is the obvious part of business success. There’s a lot more to it, however, especially for online marketing and internet advertising in downtown San Diego.

You have to get in Google’s good graces to maximize your internet marketing efforts and attract more customers!

In the same way that a suitor woos his love, website owners are courting Google in the hopes of winning her favor.

Fortunately, the internet provides a level playing field where all suitors can compete with one another.

Even small businesses can have success online! A well-optimized website will bring Google’s attention to your business regardless of how big it is.

With the right SEO strategies, your website can show up at the top of the search results. This will take your business straight to your target audience while also building your online brand and presence.

While you can accomplish these search engine optimization results yourself, be realistic about your ability level. Implementing SEO effectively is not something you learn by reading a few articles or hanging out in online forums.

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And more traffic means more revenue!

Now let’s take a look at the many different ways to create a Google-friendly website:

Keyword Researching

The first step to building a well-optimized and Google-friendly website is to use the right set of keywords to optimize your content.

To conduct your research, you have to get to know your target audience, discover their wants and needs and think of a list of words that best describe your business.

Think of words that your target audience are likely to use when searching for a business that sells the kind of products and services that you sell.

You need to use different types of keyword researching tools, paid and free, to come up with a short list of keywords for your business.

It is best to focus on long-tail, medium-competition keywords.

Notice that this section started with the words, "The first step". Keyword research is where it all begins when you want to catch Google's attention.

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Choose the Right Site Building Platform

Site building platforms are not created equally and for some inexplicable reason, Google plays favorite.

WordPress is Google’s preferred content management system so using it should help your website stay on Google’s good side.

WordPress is a user-friendly platform that offers Google-optimized features that get better with every update. It’s fast, reliable, and affordable.

WordPress is also the most widely used content management system in the business.

You can also choose from WordPress' extensive archives of ready-made website themes then customize your choice to fit your needs instead of creating a website from scratch.

Choose an Unforgettable and Adaptable Domain Name

Choosing a great domain name is also a key part of building a Google-friendly website.

So, what constitutes a great domain name?

Obviously, it should give customers an idea about the products and services you provide.

It should be easy to memorize and hard to forget.

Since you’re planning to be in business for a long time, your domain name should be adaptable enough to grow with your company.

Your domain name should be as descriptive as possible while also being short and simple. Pick a domain name that ends with .com.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect domain name for your website, buy the name, get a WordPress website and start building your content.

Optimize Your Content

Once you’re ready to build your online content, optimize all elements of your website with your keywords.

These elements include your metadata, images, site map, content, and web pages.

Update your website regularly so Google will index your content.

Content, is, as they say, king and high-quality content is an important part of generating organic website traffic.

Google can tell the difference between organic and paid traffic so don't think you'll impress her by buying a bunch of traffic.

Publish well-researched, well-written, and original content to attract more people to your website.

Submit your website to various directories as well as social media networks to widen your reach and elicit curiosity among your target audience.

As you build your content, augment your online marketing efforts by submitting your site to Google Webmaster tools. Also, have your website verified by Google and submit a sitemap in Google Search Console.

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Follow Google’s Webmaster Guideline

This may be a no-brainer for most site owners but there are entrepreneurs who engage in unscrupulous practices to gain more customers.

Google’s web crawlers are getting better at zeroing in on websites that cheat their way to the top of the searches.

Websites that violate Google’s webmaster guidelines can be penalized in the search results.

Or worse, Google can sandbox a website so it doesn’t show in the search results at all.

To protect the investment you have made in your online presence, never engage in dubious SEO practices.


Building a Google-friendly website is easy as long as you arm yourself with information.

Online business success is built on the basics provided here. Build the foundation strong and success is on its way!

With the tips outlined above, you can build a thriving, competitive online business that Google will not only like, but love!

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