Internet Marketing – Dominate Search Results with SEO

You need top-notch internet marketing services in San Diego if you want to dominate the search engine results.

To rank high in the searches, you need to gain a deep understanding of how search engine optimization works.

SEO isn't just about optimizing metadata or inserting keywords.

Website optimization is part science and part art form. It’s an intricate process that demands time and patience to master!

The fundamentals of SEO remain unchanged but there is no formula that will guarantee sure-fire domination of the searches.

Before we take a look at the basic rules that will help your business top any search results, let’s discuss the three driving principles of SEO: Authority, Content, and Index Age.

Authority refers to the quality and volume of backlinks your website has generated over time.

The more high-quality links you have, the higher the chances of dominating the searches. You can use MozBar or SEMRush to assess the authority rating of your website.

Content refers to high-quality content. It's the value that you offer to your readers. The more valuable your content is, the higher the engagement among readers.

You have to put a premium on creating high-quality content because it is a critical part of SEO.

Indexed Age refers to the original date that Google, or other search engines, discovered your website.

Your overall content quality and website quality, as well as the links that lead to your content, is measured by search engines to determine where your website ranks in the search results.

The ranking process takes time so be patient. Build high-quality content and inbound/outbound links and watch your site climb in the rankings.

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Core SEO Rules to Live By

Gain Google's Trust

Think about this: what do all search results-dominant websites have in common?

They are all trusted websites. And there is no shortcut to gaining Google’s trust, so don’t try boosting your rankings using shady techniques.

If you want to gain a high authority rating, you have to provide high-quality content to your readers.

In addition, you have to associate yourself with industry leaders to improve your search rankings and gain your readers’ trust.

You have to build a high-quality website gradually to enhance your online presence.

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Faster Loading Speed

A website that takes forever to load is more likely to put off readers.

Online users are fickle creatures; they do not wait for anything. This goes especially for online shoppers.

If a website takes too long to load, customers will move on to faster websites.

Run a routine checkup to assess your website's loading time.

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If the loading speed is not up to par, start updating your website elements to boost the loading speed.

Use free image optimization software like to compress large images. Removing unnecessary .gifs and flash-heavy graphics will also speed up your site’s loading time.

Valuable Information

When it comes to SEO, high-quality content is above everything else.

Even the most effective SEO strategies are rendered useless if the content is barely readable.

Find ways to provide better content.

If you can put together quality content on your own, then more power to you. If you’re not a gifted writer, hire someone to do it for you.

Provide helpful information to your readers, information that solves common problems.

Boost reader engagement by enhancing your written content with eye-catching pictures, infographics, or videos.

Offer content with more meat to get people talking.

Encourage your readers to subscribe to your updates and share your content to their own network by embedding social media buttons at the bottom of every post.

You can also host online events or hold a contest to drum up attention and elicit excitement among your readers!

Optimized Content

Of course, you have to optimize your website content using relevant keywords and phrases to top the searches.

Start by researching the best keywords for your content using Google Adwords.

From there, you’ll get a list of all the best keywords you can use to optimize your website.

Insert the keywords into your website content, including the pages, articles, resource pages, homepage, etc.

Don’t forget about your metadata and images, they have to be optimized too!

Now the key here is to avoid spamming your content with too many keywords.

Always keep the keyword density in check when optimizing your content so Google won’t penalize you for it. The last thing you want is to get sandboxed for keyword spamming.

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Go Mobile

Your website should be optimized to suit mobile devices too.


These days, most readers access online information using their mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, phablets, and mobile phones.

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes.

If your website looks wonky when viewed on a mobile phone would you continue browsing it?

Again, online users are fickle creatures.

If they aren’t getting the information they need in the ideal setting, they’ll leave.

Online readers demand fast, convenient, and easy to digest information.

No one has the patience to put up with a hard-to-navigate website.

As such, your website should be perfectly readable and presentable even when viewed on mobile devices.


SEO strategies come and go but the fundamentals of online optimization remain relatively stable.

Although there is no foolproof way of beating the system, following the fundamental rules will help you dominate the search results.

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