White Hat VS Black Hat SEO: What’s The Difference?

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Marketing a business online requires a series of digital marketing strategies to increase a website's search ranking.

SEO techniques will be a key aspect of these marketing strategies.

To enhance your online presence and gain Google's trust, you have to know what types of digital marketing techniques are best for your marketing campaign.

As an entrepreneur, you need to gain a deeper understanding of all the acceptable and prohibited practices to maximize your marketing efforts.

When it comes to SEO, you might have come across the terms "white hat" SEO and "black hat" SEO.

How does each marketing strategy differ from another?

White Hat and Black Hat SEO Defined

White hat and black hat SEO are online marketing strategies that enhance a website's search ranking and traffic.

However, major search engines allow only white hat strategies.

They can penalize websites that use black hat SEO, or not even list those sites in the search results.

White hat SEO is comprised of acceptable marketing strategies that conform to search engine guidelines. It is free from marketing techniques that manipulate the system.

Black hat SEO is deemed as an underhanded way of increasing a website's online presence.

The practice is comprised of unethical, deceptive, or downright manipulative marketing techniques that do not conform to search engine standards.


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White Hat SEO Practices

Keyword Researching

The old-fashioned way of researching for relevant keywords is the most important technique to strengthen your business’ online presence.

You can either hire a website optimization specialist or do the researching yourself.

You can use a variety of keyword researching tools to come up with the most relevant yet medium-competitive keywords to build your marketing campaign on.

These tools include:

Google Keyword Planner
Moz's Keyword Explorer
Keyword Tool

Use your keywords to optimize your meta tags, descriptions, images, and content.

Keyword researching is a lengthy process but it will do wonders for your marketing efforts.

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Without keyword planning you are just throwing mud against the wall, hoping that something sticks.” ~Fudzology


Quality Content

These days, it’s no longer enough to publish vanilla articles, you have to put more work into your content to attract more readers and improve your search rankings.

You can either hire a professional writer or take care of your website content yourself.

Either way, you need to produce relevant, engaging, and helpful content that educates customers and solve common problems.

It helps if you add infographic, video clips, and eye-catching images to make your content even more attractive to the eye.

Use your keywords to optimize your content but watch out for the keyword density.

Never pepper your content with too many keywords or Google will penalize you!

Keep your <H1>, <H2> and <H3> tags SEO-friendly by incorporating your chosen keywords. This way, your headers will appear on the searches!

Inbound Linking

A quality inbound link is a link to your website from a relevant or influential source.

These links cannot be purchased or traded because this black hat strategy is clearly manipulation.

Legitimate inbound links occur when you guest-write a blog post or article and get a link back to your site as a result.

Creating high-quality content is the best way to attract market leaders and influencers to your website for a link back.

These webmasters are looking for quality content to feature on their own website, and will link to your material if it is really good.

Here at Fudzology we know how to reach out to these potential influencers and establish the powerful backlinks that will get your site moving up in the rankings.

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Black Hat SEO Practices

Keyword Stuffing and Spam-dexing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of using too many keywords in an article in an attempt to increase the website’s search rankings.

In this technique a long list of keywords is included in an article and no effort is made to blend these keywords into the body of the article.

The list of keywords makes no sense to a reader unless they recognize keyword stuffing.

Spam-dexing is the practice of repeating the same unrelated phrases to manipulate the prominence or relevance of resources indexed by a search engine.

Duplicate Content and Content Automation

Instead of generating fresh, high-quality content, a website could publish the same content repeatedly in an attempt to increase its search ranking.

The search engines, however, penalize sites for duplicate content so this strategy won’t work.

Article spinning is a way of automatically modifying an existing piece of writing to create a new, unique article that passes the uniqueness testing tools like Grammarly and Copyscape.

While article spinning may fool the plagiarism checkers and the search engines, it doesn’t fool readers. Spun articles don’t read very well so discerning readers will go elsewhere looking for quality content.

Link Farms

Link farms are services that boost website exposure by generating backlinks.

The problem is that most of the links are from irrelevant or highly suspicious websites.

Being associated with irrelevant or suspicious websites will hurt your trust rating and your search ranking.

Build links the organic way by providing quality content and improving your trust rating.


Google disallows certain SEO techniques that are considered manipulative. These techniques are broadly described as 'black hat'.

Acceptable techniques for marketing a website are considered 'white hat'.

Black hat methods can cause a site to be penalized in the search rankings, or dropped from the search results altogether.

Always use white hat SEO to improve your website performance in the most acceptable way possible.

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