How to Choose Your First Keywords for SEO

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One of the most effective ways to market any business online is through search engine optimization or SEO, targeting carefully researched keywords.

The process of website optimization helps increase a business' page ranking for relevant searches using Google and major search engines.

The Importance of Using Relevant Keywords

One of the first steps to optimizing a website is to choose a set of keywords to target.

These are a combination of words that are relevant to your business.

As an example, this particular web page is targeting “online marketing agency in Point Loma”, “internet advertising services in Point Loma”, and other keyword phrases.

The keywords you will use should be the words that your customers are likely to use when making an online search in any search engine.

Selecting the right keywords gives you the power to control your page ranking. The higher the page ranking, the better the chances of attracting potential customers to your business.

Your keywords will be used to build your content.

As you monitor your website performance, you will gather data and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly until you have a set of high performing keywords.

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Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

Go for Relevance

You can’t optimize your business if your keywords do not describe your products/services accurately.

The most basic step in keyword researching is to simply use words that describe the product or services that you sell.

Let’s say you’re selling water bottles.

Neither “water” nor “bottle” does a good job at describing what you sell.

Using irrelevant keywords will only weaken your marketing efforts. Always choose keywords that describe your product as accurately as possible.

List all the keywords that people might use to search for your products.

Cover a variety of categories to come up with different terms.

You can even use keyword-generating tools like Moz Keyword Explorer to come up with ideas. Check each keyword by relevance until you have a master list of keywords to use.

Choose Long-Tail Keywords

There are thousands of online stores that optimize their products using the keyword “water bottles,” how can you make your water bottle business stand out?

Instead of focusing on short, generic words, use a variety of phrases, descriptive words that are at least three words long.

While using short tail keywords seems ideal to market a business online, the competition between similar businesses is nothing short of cutthroat.

Your website will be buried under thousands of other stores that used the same generic keywords to rank.

Multi-word keyword phrases, called “long tail” keywords, generate low traffic but the competition for these keywords is also low. Using this type of keywords is ideal for traffic-centric marketing campaigns.

It’s also worth noting that internet users rarely ever use one word to search for anything online.

Most users type in a combination of search words to seek information over the net.

By using long-tail keywords, you have a unique set of keywords that not many businesses have used, allowing you to dominate the searches.

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Optimizing with Keywords

After listing all the potential keywords and weeding out the weakest candidates from your list, you should have a list of relevant keywords to focus your content on.

But before incorporating these keywords into your SEO campaign, you have to check the keyword's search volume, competition level, and current rankings.

First, check how many times a particular keyword has been searched for.

This way, you'll get an idea how much traffic you'll get from said keywords.

Next, check for the level of competition between keywords. You have to go for the medium to low competition keywords to get a decent ranking.

Also check if you are already ranking for specific keyword terms to get your SEO campaign started.

Once you have a master list of all the relevant keywords, you can start implementing them into your SEO campaign. You can use these keywords to optimize your metadata, images, content, and social media posts.

Once a potential customer conducts an online search using your set of keywords, your business will appear on the searches.

As you optimize your website, your goal should be to reach the first page of the searches for maximum exposure.

Track the performance of your chosen keywords using a variety of tools such as the Google Keyword Tool, Google's Wonder Wheel, and Wordtracker.

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Understanding the keywords your target market is using to find you is critical to your marketing campaign.

With the right keywords, you have the edge you need to beat the competition!

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